AHHA Approvals for Catan and Ciaran

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

Well approvals were a stellar success today with both foals strutting their stuff in the arena with Uniqueka. Both foals scored well Catan went first at 7 for confirmation and 7 for movement . Then Ciaran went into the ring but I do believe Catan was the show stopper. Our dearest little 4 month old, Catan, didn’t want to wait for Mom and Ciaran to be in the ring without him so he promptly cleared the 4 1/2′ round pen with nary a scratch to go and join in the fun. After my heart quit going a million miles an hour, I was able to applaud his athleticism and be amazed at the jumping of these little Holsteiners! Finally with Catan and Neka for company, Ciaran was able to pull in a 6 for confirmation and a 7 for movement.

I think all of us were in a bit of shock at what Catan had done, even the judge warned me that I had a “quite the jumper” on my hands! Ha, Catan couldn’t even see over the fence he decided to jump….I think he’s headed for the poussance at this rate!

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